These are some papers/posters which are shared online.
A more complete list is in this sometimes-updated CV.

Journal Publications

  • Zaki Ahmed & Ives R Levesque (2020). Pharmacokinetic modeling of dynamic contrast‐enhanced MRI using a reference region and input function tail.
    Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

  • Zaki Ahmed & Ives R Levesque (2018). An extended reference region model for DCE-MRI that accounts for plasma volume.
    NMR in Biomedicine

  • Zaki Ahmed & Ives R Levesque (2016). Increased robustness in reference region model analysis of DCE MRI using two-step constrained approaches.
    Magnetic Resonance in Medicine


  • Zaki Ahmed, Carolyn R. Freeman, Krista Goulding, Tom Powell, Jan Seuntjens, Robert Turcotte, Ives R. Levesque. (2018) McGill University Health Center Cancer Research Program - Research Day

  • Zaki Ahmed & Ives R Levesque (2017). Quantitative DCE-MRI Analysis Using a Reference Tissue and AIF Tail.
    ISMRM Annual Meeting, Honolulu

  • Zaki Ahmed & Ives R Levesque (2017). Robust Reference-Region DCE-MRI Analysis with a Vascular Component and Two-Fit Analysis.
    ISMRM Annual Meeting, Honolulu